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Three common signal forms for sensor output
release time:2018-6-12  Views:453

Sensors, their different types have been widely used in daily life and production, from the vast space, to the vast ocean, to a variety of complex engineering systems, almost every modern project, can not do without a variety of sensor. In the process of use, the three output signals of the sensor also play an important role. Now we will briefly talk about these three signals.
1. The absolute code signal is a signal corresponding to the state of the measured object. Like a code wheel, each of its angular positions corresponds to a set of codes, which are called absolute codes. Absolute code signals have strong anti-jamming capability. Regardless of what happens during measurement, after a disturbance, a state always corresponds to a defined set of codes.
2. The characteristic of the incremental code signal is that the measured value is proportional to the number of change cycles of the sensor output signal, that is, the magnitude of the output value is determined by the increment of the number of signal change cycles. When a grating displacement sensor, a magnetic grating displacement sensor, a laser displacement sensor, or the like measures displacement using an interference method or the like, the signal output by the sensor is an incremental code signal.
3. Switch signal: The switch signal has only two states, 0 and 1. It can be regarded as a special case where the absolute code has only one bit. The output of a sensor such as a travel switch and a photoelectric switch is a switch signal.

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